Friday, 6 February 2009

Stone Lions

Did you know that one of Bentley's favourite motifs was lion heads? It was because of his devotion to St Mark's, Venice. You'll see some nice lions in the ceiling area of the Cathedral Hall - all different. But they also pop up in unexpected places - like this one lurking on the Cathedral roof (the pigeon has just spotted it too). As you can see the snow has vanished. It's still blocking roads in Devon, but the blanket covering of the Cathedral has disappeared. No - I didn't take any snaps. But if anyone did, please send me your pics and I'll throw them up here.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Assistant Master of Music

Matthew Martin is Assistant Master of Music at Westminster Cathedral. Chances are you have never seen a picture of him as he is modest and retiring. He is, of course very brilliant, a great organist and a composer. Before he came here he was Organist at Canterbury Cathedral.
People don't always realize what an astonishing Music Department we have at this cathedral.
Martin Baker, Master of Music, Matthew Martin, Assistant Master of Music, David Grealy, Organ Scholar are not the only virtuosi. Thomas Wilson, The Precentor, is also a magnificent organist. Four organists of outstanding ability. I sometimes wonder if worshippers here know how fortunate and blessed they are. Or do they take it all for granted? I hope not....

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Dorothy Palmer

One of those who came to the Reception was Dorothy Palmer, Canon Tuckwell's housekeeper first in the 1970's when he was an Anglican curate in Clapton. Later, when he returned to Clapton as Roman Catholic Parish Priest of St Scholastica's, Dorothy once again worked as his housekeeper. She too, by that time, had become a Catholic.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Party for the Parish

Bishop Alan Hopes congratulates an old friend on his becoming a Canon of the Cathedral.

After Mass in the Cathedral Hall, parishioners from the Cathedral and former parishes gathered to congratulate Canon Christopher. Many had come from a distance, including a group from Hemel Hempstead.


After Mass, priest friends and members of the Cathedral Chapter congratulated the new Canon in the Sacristy, Westminster Cathedral. There are 18 Canons at any one time. Most dioceses have a Chapter of twelve. Westminster has always had eighteen....

The Chapter Mass - 4th November

Canon Christopher Tuckwell, installed as a member of the Cathedral Chapter, by the Provost, Canon Michael Brockie, Parish Priest of Our Most Holy Redeemer, Chelsea, London

A November Canonization

Photographs of the installation of our Administrator as a Canon have been flooding in. This took place on Tuesday, 4th November and was a splendid occasion, centered on the 5.30 Mass celebrated by the Provost, Canon Michael Brockie. It was during this Mass that the new Canon Tuckwell was formally installed as a member of the Cathedral Chapter.