Thursday, 11 September 2008

A new departure

"I hope you have found your way here from Mgr Mark Langham's blog: "Solomon, I have surpassed thee". When he left for Rome this summer, I took over that blog but we both agreed that I should soon open a new one. This enables me to describe the Solomon blog as The Mark Langham Archive on the Cathedral website. From now on, it will stand alone as a record of several years of his thoughts and experiences as Administrator of Westminster Cathedral.
You can always look into it by accessing
You will find it is packed with fascinating things you won't find elsewhere.

This new blog has a very similar URL. The only difference is one hyphen: I hope you will bear with me as I get into the swing of blogging. My sole purpose is to share a bit of current information about the life of the Cathedral - things I become aware of as one of the Cathedral Chaplains, "living" - as Prince Philip once said of Buckingham Palace - "over the shop".

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merum said...

Thanks for taking up the baton and keeping the flow of information and photos running. Those of us who don't get to the Cathedral as often as we would like are especially appreciative.