Friday, 19 September 2008

Our 100-year-old priest

Last week, Cardinal Cormac honoured Fr Reginald Fuller, by saying Mass for him at the Cathedral on Fr Reggie becoming a Centenarian. Here you can just see the Cardinal with our bishops returning to the Sacristy at the end of the Mass of Thanksgiving for Fr Fuller's 77 years of priesthood. Many Westminster diocesan clergy concelebrated and it was a joyful occasion.

The Mass was followed by a lunch for Fr Reggie, attended by his family, friends and fellow-Clergy in the Cathedral Hall. At 100, Fr Reggie is as cheerful and quick-witted as I remember him ten years ago, when he lived near the Cathedral and came to meals at Clergy House. An accomplished, kindly man, known in his time for biblical scholarship, education and much more.

At the lunch, His Eminence proposed a toast to Fr Fuller and thanked him warmly for his long years of priestly dedication and service to the Church in the Diocese of Westminster.

It was an occasion for catching up with old friends, family and priests from around the diocese.


merum said...

RF's scripture scholarship was of great help to me in my graduate and post graduate days, especially his writing and editing work on the CBA Commentary and its successor. I owe him a debt of gratitude.

Legolas said...

Father i am a Catholic from a country in South-east Asia and i am happy to see the Holy Mass especially in honour of Blessed Henry cardinal Newman being celebrated. Henry Cardinal Newman was one of the graetest Catholi church laity who could think for himself for knowing that the Anglican church is a false church that started because of a mere divorce with its faulty and fallible doctrines such as scarem,ental unions of the Eucharist when real precense ot Transubtation si true and for declaring teh King or queen to be the head of the church when Saint peter and his sucessor are the Vicar of Jesus Christ. I hope as a Catholic priest and as a laity of the Universal church. you acn start telling the Anglicans the truth and bring them home just like how Henry Cardinal newman and Jonathan Cardinal Manning who were enlightened by the truth of the Holy Spirit to bring them back homr to the Universal church of Jesus christ which is the Roman CAtholic church'
May his blessed Mother the immculate conception always be with us and may the Saints Padre Pio Saint Sister Faustina Saint thersea of Avila Saint Thersea of the child Jesus Saint Francis Saint Dominic Saint Augustine Saint jerome and all the Saints of teh Holy father