Thursday, 23 October 2008

Talk tonight by Joanna Bogle!

Joanna Bogle is giving a talk tonight on the subject of the English Martyrs and Saint John Southworth, the Westminster Martyr whose body lies in the Cathedral. It will be given in Westminster Cathedral Hall at 6.30 pm and tickets (at £10) are available at the door. The Hall is halfway down Ambrosden Avenue - the street on the left-hand side of the Cathedral.
Do try to come! Joanna is a well-known Catholic journalist with a lively style and a lot to tell us about all sorts of things of Catholic interest. In recent months she has been contributing to Oremus and people always enjoy her articles.
If possible - after the talk - we hope to go through to the shrine of St John and say a prayer, led by Fr Michael Durand, seeking the intercession of this glorious Westminster saint.

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