Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Dorothy Palmer

One of those who came to the Reception was Dorothy Palmer, Canon Tuckwell's housekeeper first in the 1970's when he was an Anglican curate in Clapton. Later, when he returned to Clapton as Roman Catholic Parish Priest of St Scholastica's, Dorothy once again worked as his housekeeper. She too, by that time, had become a Catholic.


Fr. Selvester said...


For those of us who live in places where there are no Canons could you please explain two things:

1. Why is the Cathedral Administrator not ex officio a Canon of the Cathedral?

2. How come the offices of Provost of the Chapter and Administrator of the cathedral aren't held by the same person?

We don't have chapters of Canons in the USA and here the priest in charge of a cathedral is called the Rector usually.

Fr Tim said...

1. He just isn't.

2. The priests of Westminster Cathedral were established by Cardinal Vaughan (over 100 years ago) as the College of Chaplains. The Chaplains represent the Canons who live elsewhere (often as Parish Priests in the diocese.) Our Provost, Canon Brockie, is a Parish Priest in Chelsea.

I think the Administrator of the Cathedral is appointed on account of the very specific management and leadership skills required - and other gifts. It is known to be a very tough job for any priest.