Saturday, 22 November 2008

Assistant Master of Music

Matthew Martin is Assistant Master of Music at Westminster Cathedral. Chances are you have never seen a picture of him as he is modest and retiring. He is, of course very brilliant, a great organist and a composer. Before he came here he was Organist at Canterbury Cathedral.
People don't always realize what an astonishing Music Department we have at this cathedral.
Martin Baker, Master of Music, Matthew Martin, Assistant Master of Music, David Grealy, Organ Scholar are not the only virtuosi. Thomas Wilson, The Precentor, is also a magnificent organist. Four organists of outstanding ability. I sometimes wonder if worshippers here know how fortunate and blessed they are. Or do they take it all for granted? I hope not....


John the organist said...

Here's one person who does not take these brilliant musicians for granted!

Esmeralda said...

Thank you very much for your music. The atmosphere around is fascinating. The sounds that you produce are really marvelous. It is delighted and enjoyable listen to you when you are playing the organ, would be wonderful to have more opportunities. I wish you a successful future as musician and composer.
You made a very good impression on me.

Thank you very much Fr Tim